Nebula Survey

Hey there Anker fans! We’ve got a new product in the works and need your help in deciding its name. Please take a look at this quick survey and give us your thoughts! We appreciate your feedback and look forward to sharing more information about this product soon!

1.Which word best describes a product that comes with a rechargeable battery inside?

  • Go
  • Portable
  • Move
  • Range
  • Roam

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2.Which of the following names sounds more high-end?

  • Solar
  • Vega

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Quick question from Nebula group, please take a few moments to help them out :wink:
Thanks guys~!

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Done and done, always look forward to new and innovative projectors. Hope to try one in the future

Send us to try them

Plenty of Nebula products have rechargeable batteries in them already (Mars, Capsule) so your name would have to reflect the difference. So if this new product has a particularly longer battery duration, “roam” may be a better hint to its difference?

Reason to not have a name with solar is it avoids people thinking its solar powered.



Same here…

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My exact thoughts while considering the options.

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Finished. Can’t wait for more details!

I was going to create a separate thread but this seems good enough… anyone know why the Nebula Apollo is not listed on the official website but is available on Amazon?

Their usual reason is they do not maintain all the sites. When we asked it is because Anker has too many products to keep all sites current.

It is also country specific. e.g. USA site has the Max but the UK site doesn’t even though they sell all in both.

They just need one part time employee to keep the sight updated :man_facepalming:.

@Insider is practically able to do it in his spare time


Solstice, Equinox, Zenith, Nova, Eclipse … just spit balling other high-end names that I feel are inline with the Nebula brand.

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Completed, both names listed are bit dated / not so great, but since I had to choose one - just chose it.

So far “Vega Go” is winning :grin:

Vega somehow fails to catch my imagination, but then it might be just me :roll_eyes:

Pulsar, Omega, Andromeda, are some of better names … but may be these can make it to the other Nebula Products!


I agree. Don’t really like Vega. I like all of the options you propose


Nebula survey try the product

Andromeda would be a great name :+1:
Maybe supernova too lol


Great names! I (personally) love them! :rofl: I wonder what Nebula team would say. I’ll forward these names to them

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Personally I feel like portable doesn’t depend fully on something having a rechargeable batter in it. I feel that it’s one of many requirements like the size of the actual object. Even if it has a rechargeable batter but it huge I wouldn’t really say that it’s portable and easy to carry. Maybe that’s just me but figured I’d share the thought.