Nebula Soundbar using headphones

Hi. I have a Nebula soundbar with Fire TV built-in and I have a problem while using Bluetooth headphones. Because there is no sound going to speakers of the soundbar, the power saving kicks in after 15 mins and turns the soundbar off.

Is there any configuration I can adjust to solve this?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Sousa
I don’t have this product myself but try turning the soundbar on.
Press and hold the power button and volume down button for 5-6 seconds.
It might be worth having your TV on as you may get some kind of onscreen notification.

Let me know if that works.

Hi thank you for your reply. I did try this but it didn’t work. Instead, now the soundbar will go into sleep after x time inactive and I can no longer press the home button to turn it on.

Is there anywhere I can get a list of hidden features like the one you mentioned?