Nebula soundbar connect app not connecting

I try to connect to it thru the app it worked the first time now every time I try it says connection failed even tried restarting both devices and clearing the data and cache at one point it doesent even find the soundbar anymore please advise thanks

Nebula Connect app connects via the Bluetooth on the smartphone … make sure to enable BT on your phone first. Better, restart the phone and with BT enabled, try to connect using Nebula Connect.

Let us know if this works

I tried restarting the phone the Bluetooth is on it finds it when I restart the soundbar but fails to connect

Are you trying to connect via iOS device? Try to updated to latest iOS version. Also try to check it via an Android app if it connects ( only for testing)

Try to set if there is an Nebula Soundbar firmware update.

Please contact Nebula support

I have android 9.0 and updated it when I first connected it now it’s not letting me connect only worked once than that’s it

You should definitely reach out to Nebula Support

I had this problem previously, but the January update to the app seems to have fixed it

Yes it seems to work now . thank you for letting me kno so that I can use it XD

Glad the firmware update had resolved your issues