Nebula Solar portable no sound issue

I recently bought a Nebula Solar Portable from Amazon and while I’m very impressed and happy with it, I’m having an issue where whenever I turn the projector on, it either has no sound or its really quiet with muffled sound, it’s solved by restarting the projector which points to a software problem rather than hardware but it’s really annoying to have to do restart the projector everytime I use it, I’ve tried a factory reset but the issue remains, I was wondering if anyone else had had this problem? Or if anyone had any suggestions to try to solve it.

I’ve sent an email to Nebula support but I thought I’d post here in the meantime until they get back to me.

Check and make sure the firmware is up to date

Sorry I should have included this in my original post, the software is up to date.

Odd indeed. When its muffled, does giving it a gentle tap or shake fix it?

Sounds like you debris within and the power on temporarily alters the air flow relative to once it’s warmed up and that is blocking something.

There’s a lot of airflow in the design around the speakers.

It’s rarely muffled, 9 times out of 10 it just has no sound at all, if no one else is having the issue it may be faulty hardware but it’s very strange that it works perfectly after a restart. I have to press and hold the power button and do a full restart as it doesn’t solve the issue putting it into stand by (one press of the power button) and then turning it back on.

I’m still within my return period for Amazon so I could return it for a replacement or refund but if it’s software related then I’d assume other people would be having the same problem.

You’re the first to mention this (that I’ve noticed) so if on latest firmware, then not software, must be hardware. If 9 out of 10 no sound then that eliminates all other causes (phone, app etc) so by elimination it is hardware.

But the fact a restart fixes it implies not hardware too.

If in return window then I’d shoot for that.
proof of purchase, serial number, description of problem and all you’ve attempted to far to fix yourself. The more you explicitly state all they’d call out as obvious (yes, on latest firmware, yes did a reset, yes tried with different phone) then the faster they’ll accept a warranty claim.

A straight Amazon return is even less effort. It is not moral though as some poor sucker will get a bargain refurbished a few weeks later with the same problem. A faulty unit is morally best returned as accepted fault to remove it from the warehouse and not have it wiped and shipped back.


Definitely contact support

I’ve also noticed that on the times it doesn’t have sound it makes a pop/crack noise during start up, i only bought the projector on Thursday so I’ve decided to return it to Amazon as faulty and I will order a replacement. I’m really pleased with the projector so I’m hoping it was down to a hardware fault so that the replacement doesn’t have the same issue.

Thanks for your help and advice

Same problem here. Sometimes get a pop/crack/buzzing but a full restart results in the sound working fine. Just downloading latest software today so see if it fixes the issue.

I assume you know the serial number of the returned unit. If not keep notes. If that failed unit gets back out in the field, which in this case it might as a reboot fixes it, someone in the future will be reporting the same issue.

How is your projector performing since the update? Mine is running the latest version but it’s still having the same issue, it worked fine all day yesterday and then last night it went really loud after it was turned on, even with the volume at the minimal level it was as if it was at full volume, a full restart sorted it.

This morning it’s back to no sound at all several times with a restart sorting the issue.

It’s as if it’s an issue with power to the speakers, either under powering them or over powering them, if that’s even a possibility. One thing I did try was pairing it with a Bluetooth speaker when the projector had no sound and there was sound as normal through the Bluetooth speaker but not the infernal speaker of the projector before and after disconnecting the Bluetooth speaker.

My replacement projector arrived dead, it wouldn’t charge, it wouldn’t turn on and it was just not working so I’m going to have to return this as well and order a replacement for the replacement.

I made a note of the serial number.

I wonder if they can solve this issues with a software update

Same issue for me. I just filed my return for replacement today. I’m not encouraged by the fact that OP’s replacement unit was a dud. Seems like Anker hasn’t worked out the kinks with this new model.

It’s a shame because I love the projector otherwise. The picture quality, Android TV, 3hr battery

Hoping my replacement is better…

I’ve been in contact with support since having the issue (they’ve been very helpful to be fair to them) and they say that they released a software update to sort the issue so make sure you do a software update before you return the item as there’s a good chance it will sort it, I’ve had zero issues since the update

The latest update (9.2.45) has brought all the sound issues that I previously had back, is anyone else having the same issues?

Suggestion is, if not done already, is resume email dialogue with Nebula support, in parallel to waiting for any other owners to reply here.

I’m having the same issue just recently bought the Nebula Solar and 9 times out of 10 I have no sound through the on board speakers, I’ve messaged there support team and just waiting there response they may just swap the unit as its under warranty

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Good to email support, give them time to reply. If you get a conclusion then post here to help the next member search.

Swapping units may just be doing the equivalent of a full reset and so “fix” the issue, so make sure you ensure you know how to do a full reset first before the effort to swap under warranty.

I’ve done various reboots, restarts and resets, and the problem always returns where there is no sound which is why I contacted Nebula support, once I get a response back happy to post an update if the issue is resolved or a replacement unit is given

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I’ve been in constant contact with support via email since the sound issue started again, they’ve been brilliant at keeping me up-to-date.

They updated the firmware specifically for my projector by asking for my serial number, I received it on Sunday and so far the sound issue seems to have been solved, check your firmware is up-to-date as I’m sure the firmware they released to me will be available for everyone soon if it hasn’t already been.

As annoying as the issues have been I must admit that the support reassures me that any issues will be resolved in the end.

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