I just bought the Nebula Solar in hopes that my daughter could watch holiday movies outdoors with her friends. I can’t figure out how to get Air play or Apple mirroring onto the Nebula. My iPhone isn’t letting me connect the device. How do I do this? Do I need a special cord or software or isn’t not allowed?

Thank you.

That’s weird, do you get like an error code or it’s just refusing to get connected?

Have you tried to connect the Nebula with another device?

I don’t own and only have the words you wrote but pending someone more knowledgeable replying, the initial obvious questions:

  • did you set up the projector and connect it to your WiFi?
  • does it work otherwise? YouTube…?
  • so it’s only screen mirroring which doesn’t work?

A search I see 3 tricks, one is a basic how-to, another says airstream not airplay, another reminds us won’t work for some content. Hope one of these does the magic.

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Unfortunately, the AirPlay feature is somewhat limited on the Nebula projectors. You can AirPlay your own photos and videos you’ve taken with your phone. However, you cannot stream DRM-protected content such as iTunes purchases, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc to the Nebula.

To use AirPlay:

  • Make sure both the projector and your phone are connected to the same WiFi network (verify that the projector has access to the internet by loading the built-in Netflix app, for example).

  • If you have a newer phone that unlocks with Face ID, swipe down from the top right corner (otherwise, swipe up from the bottom) and tap “Screen Mirroring”. A list of devices should appear. Tap your Nebula projector on this list. If you can see your phone’s screen on the projector, then AirPlay is working correctly. If your Nebula doesn’t show on this list, try restarting the projector.