Nebula should make a new mid-range projector!

Dear @AnkerOfficial,

I am on the market for a mid-range projector with killer features but not something $800+. These are some things I’d like to see in one of next year’s projectors:

Name: Something cool like “Nebula Supernova”
Image quality: 1080p with the image enhancers found in Cosmos
Color: Black (I’d buy the Solar but the white color drives me away)
Operating system: The newest AndroidTV version available
Size: Somewhat portable
Battery: 4-5 hours of battery life, charges using USB-C
Price range: $499-$649

@AnkerOfficial, if you take my ideas, you have my money along with many others in the same position as me. I am a huge Anker fan which is what brings me to the Nebula Ideas & Suggestions. Please consider sharing this to the Anker/Nebula innovators. Thank you.

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The Vega and Vega Portable are releasing early this Spring! Sorry Anker but here is my source!