Nebula Prizm: Tell Us What You’d Like

Hey Anker fans,

Nebula is developing a new line of projectors—Prizm—in order to provide affordable home entertainment with quality you can trust.

We are planning on releasing two Prizm products this year. One will be 480p and the other is 1080p. We’re aiming to launch the 480p Prizm first, towards the end of July. The hi-res 1080p version is slated to come out by the end of the year.

Our first iteration of Prizm is going to be entry-level. It has a brightness of 100 ANSI lumens. Prizm will project a picture 30-100 inches in size and will have a 5W speaker built in. But this won’t be a portable projector, so no built-in battery (gotta keep it plugged in) and no OS.

The first Prizm will only be available in white but we’ve got some time until we release the next one. So we want to hear what you’d like to see. Leave a comment to say which color scheme you prefer and what features you care about most.

Which concept do you prefer?

  • Concept A (White)
  • Concept B (Black)
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What feature is the most important to you?

  • Affordable price (around $300 USD)
  • Integrated with Fire TV or Android TV
  • Integrated with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant
  • 1080 Full HD picture
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Can’t wait to hear from you!

Nebula Team


I. Interested in a black projector with 1080 or higher resolution. I would prefer 4k projector but baby steps I guess


black w/1080
nice speaker or ability to pair with bluetooth speakers, also an audio out jack
HDMI input

OS with ability to plug a usb stick in and play various video/image formats (VLC for example) and do picture slideshows.
android app store

skip alexa/google integration unless they subsidize it and bring price down

Black for me, it goes with everything :grin:

As for the second, it’s twofer for me…1080p Full HD & at a affordable price (and there are a few out there already)…integrated OS and assistants I’m fine without, it’s just as easy to connect my phone or iPad…

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Black here, too… And 1080p, of course.

True 4K projectors are still a rare breed, and good ones even rarer and pricier. Plus, unless you plan to sit under 2m from the screen, or project into a 200+ inches screen, most people wouldn’t notice it. Better to have 1080p and a decent amount of light. :wink:

P.S.: Those concepts look good, really good!

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I’d shoot for 1080p, I’m not sure people will enjoy 480p on a bigger screen these days…at the lowest, 720p


480p is fine for trade shows and rear screen projection or something.

1080p for regular consumers. Keystone adjustment in all?

480p would be fine for PowerPoint presentations and such, anything heavily multimedia based (such as video) your best best is 720p or above (widescreen) with a good lumen rating…


Black hands down.

Feature-wise. I would prefer 1080p and would not need an assistant or OS as long as I could plug and play with a Roku, Chromecast, Firestick, etc.

It would also be nice to have additional power options other than traditional 110V such as USB/ USB-C Charging using an Anker Power pack.

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I voted for black with full 1080 HD. The ability to either pair with multiple bluetooth speakers or connect to wired speakers would be nice as well. Thinking as a teacher, I’ve used projectors in my classrooms but the sound from the projectors was never loud enough to fill the classroom, and I would have to connect a decent set of computer speakers to them. I know they’ve gotten better over the years, but the sound quality/volume is always at the top of my list when it comes to portable projectors.

I prefer the black concept. The white concept is nice but it would stick out at our house. I prefer my equipment to blend in.

For a projector I prefer full 1080p but the price is also important.

Black and 1080p. Black goes with everything.

480… That’s what I get when I watch a crap video on YouTube on my phone… I definitely wouldn’t pay for it.

I haven’t voted on the photos, as they’re NOT comparable. Black is my usual colour of choice out of black/white. White is too boring, whereas a shiny black always looks good.

I think (like others) 780 should be the basic level. 5w is not worth the ink it’s written with! 10w stereo should be the entry level too.

Multiple inputs (hdmi X2, usb), and even audio outputs (optical, aux etc). Remote control (including focus) and ability to change wonky picture (can’t remember proper name!)


Keystone…or preferably auto keystone :grin:

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So I take it the 1080p laser projector has been abandoned entirely. While I’m not interested in the product myself, would anyone be interested in having a zoom function so that you don’t have to physically move the projector to control the size? Or do all the Nebula projectors already have this feature?

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I’d say 1080p follow by price would be the top 2 of importance.

You loose far too much quality when you zoom… Just like a photo on your phone… It’s better to crop after taking the picture, than zoom in to take it.

It seems like 1080 full HD is a necessary function to our future projectors.:thinking:


Makes sense, it’s standard for most TV’s these days (even entry level), so why would you want to regress in quality when using a projector for an even bigger screen :slight_smile:

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