Nebula Prizm Review - Worthy purchase

Nebula Prism II Product Review

Product Packaging - 5 stars - solid and professional looking packaging that can double as travel case as it has a handle built in and it doesn’t take much to put Prizm back into the retail packaging.

What’s in the box: Prism II projector, power brick with power adapter, remote
The build quality of the projector feels great. I really like the cloth top on it. There is one button on the top corner which is the power button which make it look sleek and sexy.

First use: The Prism is super easy to setup and use. The connections are 1-HDMI, 1-USB, 1-3.5mm audio port. My initial setup was just to test quickly and I didn’t have a HDMI cable handy so I plugged my iPhone in and used the screen cast. The projector immediately connected to my phone and started mirroring my phone’s screen. Opened Plex and picked a movie to watch. It lagged a quick second or two but then played through the projector. The audio is surprisingly very good for what I was expecting compared to other lower budget projectors that I have tried in the past.

The image I was able to project was only about 6ft wide and about 2-3 feet high which is a good sized for a home. I was testing it in my living room which has a lot of windows so the room was not very dark. The brightness was surprising but wasn’t OMG that picture looks amazing.
Pros - image was easy to adjust and focus
Cons - image was sharp in the middle of the picture but gets fuzzier toward the edges.

Remote: The included remote is very simple to use. Does not have a ton of functions which is nice but you can control everything needed with it. Batteries were included which is always nice.

Test #2
I brought the Prizm to my gym and used it to do some mobility work and the picture quality was much greater in a room that was much darker. I was able to project onto a wall about 8 feet wide x 6feet tall. the quality of the image looked much better. When focusing the image i tried to get the outside to be more in focus than the middle which provided a better quality image than my first test where i had problems with getting more focus.

For the input I was using an hdmi cable attached to my macbook pro. The sound quality was again really great. I think that is one thing i was blown away by. I had low expectations of a built in speaker since previous projectors had to use an external speaker to get a decent quality sound.

I will for sure continue to use this in my gym for movie nights. It’s a great looking projector that also does a great job.

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Nice review. I would have liked more pictures though.

Nice review Ryan. The picture quality looked more than adequate from what I can see. :slight_smile:

Oh Nice review! I like how you use it for your workout, great idea :bulb:

This is a nice review. Would be helpful if there were some images included for comparison of Prizm size, some for actual visual projection of bright and dull images, and distance of projection.

It’s good to know you are satisfied with our product!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nice review!

Nice review & thanks for sharing!

I’ll do some more photos soon! Thanks for all the comments. I will update soon with largest size possible before distortion occurs. The gym I use it in is fairly dark during the day with the lights off so brightness was sufficient enough