Nebula Prizm not working with Iphone XS Max

I just got the deal on the Nebula Prizm and cant get the iphone xs to work with it. Sound comes out although no image. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


From your description it sounds like the hdmi pins aren’t fully connected. If you have a Google Chromecast it comes with a 3 inch HDMI extender that allows the pins to fully seat. Sometimes the cable housing blocks or doesn’t allow the cable to be fully plugged in, a different HDMI cable or the extender I spoke of above should solve your problem.

Do you mind sharing a picture of your setup so I can better help you?

Per the projector’s instructions the connection is made with a lightning cable to USB (standard one that comes with the iPhone). This connection gives me audio although a black screen. The other functions of the projector work such as the HDMI connection (both audio and video work).

A few things you can try

• try another iPhone or iPad to see if your phone is the problem or the problem is with the projector

•Obviously a new good cable which I’m sure you’ve already tried

•hard reset your iPhone

Other than that I’m at a loss and you will have to reach out to for a fix or replacement.

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Thanks my buddy came over tonight with an iPhone 6 and had him plug it in with the lightning cable and it worked. I haven’t tried any other iPhones with it but the new XS Max does not work, only audio.

Wondering if it might be a setting in the iPhone somewhere but haven’t found it.

What’s interesting is that Apple sells a lightning to HDMI or VGA connector. Which I’m sure will work although Anker knows that the lightning port sends both video and audio for that to work, then configured a USB input to absorb that transmission. Did Apple change the pin out on the lightning cable recently to stop that? Did they change the pin out so that video is on a different pin?

I was thinking the same thing but couldn’t find any video output settings. You could always pick up one of these👇

But I think your bet bet would be to get your preferred streaming Stick like Chromecast fire TV ect the number of streaming services that are supported is very limited when plugging the iPhone directly into a monitor/projector.

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