Nebula Prizm - An 8-Month Later Post-Review

I am a HUGE fan of Anker products, to the point that I am constantly looking to see what new products are being developed, what new items can I spend money on, etc. When people ask me where I get my power supplies, USB ports, cables, even some of my headphones, I just tell them to go to and look for a very reasonably priced but very high quality solution. I say this because I want to emphasize the fact that Anker products are exactly as described, but more to the point, their customer service is absolutely, and I’m not being hyperbolic here, the best. I have never had customer service be THIS proactive when it comes to seeking solutions to an issue, and believe me, it’s refreshing not to have to dread being on hold for an hour, or waiting over a week for a response.

That said, let’s get to it: The Anker Nebula Prizm Projector. Upon pickup from my local FedEx location, I found that the package was not wrapped in any way that would have hidden what the item is. To be honest, I’m a little surprised because if the package had been just left on the doorstep, what then? People would walk by and “Oh hey! Look what showed up!”. Not a great choice in terms of delivery. I know that it’s FedEx, but I don’t want the FedEx folks knowing what I’m getting delivered. A simply box would have solved that.

The projector itself was nicely packaged, and I gotta admit I was really liking how the top of the projector had this nice fabric. It gave the projector a nice professional feel to it without feeling overly fancy.

As far as the

quality of the projection, I was sadly rather disappointed. The screen quality is not very clear when projecting to a larger screen, and this is after I tried multiple configurations, multiple screens, multiple devices. No matter what I did, the projection just simply was not very clear and that is a dealbreaker for me. I was hoping to use this projector at work (I’m a teacher) and have students connect their devices to the projector so that they can display pictures, videos, etc. on the projector screen. Unfortunately, because the projection itself is so small, it’s nearly unusable, especially in a classroom with 25 students.

The school provides other projectors to use, but the hope was that by having my own, I’d be able to circumvent the clunkiness of projecting through the school devices. However, the projection size just simply isn’t big enough nor clear enough to be really usable.

I say “8-months later” in the review title because I was hoping that perhaps, after my initial disappointment, I’d be able to find a better use for this device. However, after 8 months,after I tried out the projector again to see if maybe, just MAYBE, I could use it in some other fashion, sadly, I can’t think of any way I can use this as a projector at work. This device is probably better suited for a dorm room, perhaps a small living room, but that’s really it. The quality of the screen projection is so small and limited that it detracts from any true usefulness beyond a very, very small setting.

It’s a shame, really, but it’s also the entry-level point projector so I should have tempered my expectations. If you’re in need of a small projector for a small room (think dormitory) without a clunky montor, then this may be your answer. Otherwise, look elsewhere and be prepared to drop a little more coin. Is it a bad projector? Not at all! If you have need for a device in a smaller setting (though the projector itself is bigger than you’d think). Is it a great projector? Well…maybe not great, but then, this is relative depending on what you consider “great” and what your needs are. It may find its niche audience, but I can only speak for myself when I say that I’m probably not in that group.

2.5/5 - Kind of recommend depending on your needs and usage



Thanks for sharing your experience, @jbkim215!

Anker is always looking for ways to improve their products!

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This is one greatly detailed review. Maybe pictures would make this already great review even better.


Nice review!!

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Nice long term review. Any pics of the projector?

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Sweet review. It’s always best to state the pros and cons of an item.

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Thank you for your objective opinions about our product.

We treat Nebula Prizm as an entry-level projector in the market. So the product specs of prizm are designed as an entry-level setting. I’m sorry to hear that it can’t meet your demand.

For people who need more high level projectors, I recommend these devices to you:


Great review, I believed that this kind of reviews is what gives this community credibility. Good pictures. I would love to see pictures of your classroom size with the projector been use.

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Thanks for the review!

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Thank you for taking time in your review and not just posting a knee-jerk reaction. I would love to eventually get a projector for my family, but it looks like it will need to be something higher end then the Prizm. Glad you posted this!

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