Nebula Prizm 2 - USB Drive

Can anyone tell me what is the maximum HDD capacity that this projector can read from and also what type. Is it just capable of reading from a flash drive or can it read from an external HDD


Nebula Products are niche products, not many ( i believe so) on community have it. It is recommended you reach out to Nebula Support:

Phone Support:
USA: 1-800-988-7973
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (PT)
International Markets

Chat Support here

128GB and 256GB should work I think… Prizm is on regular Android and Android supports external storage upto 256GB or more may be 1 TB or 2 TB … Search on internet should provide you more specific details.

read some things on web about it, and i think upto 2tb should work. I recommend sending an email to

All of that said, make sure that the HDD has suitable / recommended power available if it’s a standalone hard drive connected to SATA or similar HDDs.

Don’t take my word for it, give it a try connecting the HDD to Prizm II and let us know.

Just tried a portable 1tb hdd and it didnt recognise it. The hdd lit up so must be getting power from projector but the projector doesnt think anything is connected

Ive already sent question to support and still waiting for response

HDD may be getting the power, but not sufficient power. Does it have a separate port / USB cable provided for Power ?

Also what is the HDD file format? Samsung Android devices come with NTFS support, not sure about Prizm series.

I really wished I had a Nebula Product I could test / answer your questions here :frowning:

@Tank @TheCharneco since you have some model versions of Nebula, can you pitch in?

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Oooo. Good question. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know. I’m still working on getting my review ready for the Capsule II. Kids and life have been getting in the way on my creativity! hahahaha.

If I remember this weekend, I’ll load something onto a flash drive and plug it in to see if it works. I have a couple 500GB HDs that I’ll dig up and plug in too. As long as there’s a reader on them, I’m sure it should detect it.

Yeah, I agree about the lack of power getting to the HDD.

@bradley.hallam, did one of the thumb drive work for you? Those require such little power, so I wonder if that might be an alternate solution.

@TheCharneco thanks for your help, much appreciated!

No, it is a western digital elements portable hdd with no separate power supply. It is currently formatted in NTFS as it comes in that format. I don’t think it or any other hdd will work if it is in NTFS which means it will need to be in fat32. With fat32 it won’t accept large files so any movies that I have will not work and I also believe that the prizm won’t accept MKV which is one of the most common movie files. I think this was the worst purchase I have made so far with very little support and a very poor interface. I will have to connect an external android box in order to be able to play any sort of decent media which the prizm cannot support. Maybe the prizm2 pro would have been better but the price for that with poor support is a major gamble at most. Was also looking at the capsule2 but once again this is dark territory!

I will test thumbdrive later but like my other response as it is fat32 it will not accept large files and I believe the prizm is limited to specific media files and MKV not being one of them. If this is the case then it is very poor on ankers side of things as they should have at least made their interface work with all the common file standards

What is the response from Nebula support? Have you heard back from them.

With Fat32, max file size for Individual file is about 4GB, do you have single individual files greater than 4gb?

However conversion from ntfs to fat32, you will need to backup data as it needs complete format of hdd , and a cumbersome task of copying files across.

I really hate to mention it, as a last option, if you plan to play lot of files - buying 128GB or 256GB usb drives would be better option than use the hdd, these are much cheaper than in the past.

Also believe these only play .mp4 or .mpg video file formats.

iirc @Tank and @ndalby both of the Mars 2… right?

@TechMan Nope, I don’t…was offered as a contirbutor test product when first released…but alas for US members only :frowning_face:

Think @Tank and @TechnicallyWell have it though…

Yes, I have files larger thab 4gb. No response from support, still waiting. I see the prizm pro version has in built android etc but too much cost just for extra android. Looks like I am better connecting android box and using that as media player vice the prizm which has a very poor interface and no picture adjustments either from what I can see

I do, but my Mars 2 is currently with a family member for their beach trip. I think that the file format had to be FAT32, but don’t quote me on that. I’ll double check once I get it back.

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There is certain way Android can be made to read NTFS, since Prizm II which runs Android TV 9.0, there must be a way for it to read the NTFS format, just not sure how.

This needs Nebula Support

@AnkerTechnical can you please help?

The max size for a fat32 drive is 2TB, it is possible to get it to work and be picked up on the Nebula mars II, buts its a complicated process that requires work arounds going back and forth between ntfs and fat 32. Alternatively you can compress your files so that it can be transfered and picked up on the drive.

Now the issue comes with getting those files to register on the Nebula Mars II that I have. My hard drive is external and while it turns on when plugged into the projector, it doesnt register. Once i provide its own power separate from the projector it picks it up, but getting certain files to play is another hassle. I dont know what files and formats are supported, but some worked and similar files didnt so i was confused at which is and isnt officially supported due to the randomness that it worked. Movies i had to break into several smaller files but ultimately worked when all where highlighted and selected to play. Imo, just hook up a laptop or phone as its much easier to get to work that way

Follow the directions on this page in order to enable NTFS on Android without root. Note that you must have an OTG cable in order to do this

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