Nebula Prism only $84.99 - 50% off next 5 hours Amazon US!

Better get yours soon - deal is only good for 5 more hours!


Wow! That’s a great deal! Thanks for sharing it with us!


That’s cheaper than buying a small TV. May just get this instead of a TV for my home gym cardio days.

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Yeah, that makes senses. You don’t need a 70 inch 4K super AMOLED tv for that :joy:

No you don’t. I’m just going to connect to chromecast or my dvr and use for an hour or two.

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As I’ve pointed out previously, you can get exactly the same item for $70 delivered if you buy direct from Anket on eBay:

Priced at $100 but get 30% off at checkout.

P.s It better be a fairly gloomy gym.

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Best deal I have seen so far for Nebula Prizm, thanks for sharing

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wow, nice deal !

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Insanely good deal :hushed: More money in your pocket

Ha! Yeah 100 lumens is pretty dim, especially as you get farther away from the projection surface.

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awesome deal. Thanks for sharing

what!!! that’s a really great deal! :ok_hand:

Amazing deal!!

Dam! Just saw this! I would have jumped on the deal!

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Sorry you missed it :cry:

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