Nebula + PLEX - Server Not Powerful enough Error

Hi, I have read some other posts saying they have seen this error but no real reasons why or how to fix.

My PLEX is running on a Synology NAS with 5 x SATA Drives in a RAID set and I can easily stream 1080p video with no conversion to any device (xbox, roku, etc). I could even do 4K if I wanted but prefer 1080p.

PLEX on Nebula refuses to play anything and just gives the “Server not powerful enough” error

Even when I am not using any conversion, ie, 4mbps 720p etc. I have tried that and keeping it “no conversion” or no transcoding just play original file as is.

I am using 5GHz and putting the Nebula right next to my AP (Unifi AC Lite) so plenty of Mbps from my AP.

Anyway, at this point PLEX is the only thing not working.

I can actually use ES File Explorer to view my MP4 files on the Synology over the network and play them with no issues at all. So it is not a issue just seems like a PLEX problem? Will try to post there as well.

thanks for any help!

I just got my Nebula yesterday and the first thing I did was install Plex. Everything seems to be working fine on mine. This article may contain some pertinent information for you: