Nebula netflix problem

Hi, first thanks for your interested.
My english not very well. But i can explain the problem;
I bought a nebula capsule one. It has came yesterday i use it. There is one problem. I sure my netflix id and password true i try my id and password another devices many times and It works. But its not working in capsule one’s apk netflix.
And its makes my wife really upset.
Pls help me

Hi there,

Thanks for bring this issue to our attention.

In case you’ve missed any steps for the Netflix issue troubleshooting, please see and find smart TV section to troubleshoot.

In addition, please try the following steps:

  1. Try a different WiFi network or use your phone’s hotspot
  2. Mare sure that the Date&Time of the Capsule is up to date
  3. Clear data through App manager>Netflix>clear data
  4. Recovery: settings>about>recovery

If the issue remains, please contact our customer support at with your Capsule system version and Netflix app version so that we could verify and assist further. Thank you!

Anker Support Team