Nebula MAX plex app very old

Hi, how do we go about getting Anker to update the plex app, the version on the nebular store is useless and is buggy as hell, i’ve had to wipe it and reinstall it about 10 times as the gui keeps getting corrupt with a white block of gui elements, please there are parts missing from the main plex app which can be sideloaded.

I was however able to sideload the latest version from apotoide but it took several attempts to get it to work as it kept crashing, now working and its much faster loading and works much better in general.

Best would be to ask the Nebula support.
We are not the support and we can not give you a satisfying answer.

@Mclingo_McKeown you would be best reaching out direct to with your issue and suggestions for a quicker uptake or response