Nebula Marts Lite: What is the native resolution? And is it possible to change aspect ratio of projected video?

I have 2 questions towards to Nebula support or users of project Nebula Mars Lite:

  1. On the, there is written in the projector´s specs: “Display technology
    0.3”, 720p DLP” but in current manual I can see: “Display technology: 0.45inch 1280*800p DLP”.
    Can anybody tell me which information is true please?

  2. Assuming that the true information is resolution mentioned in manual (1280*800p DLP) which would mean aspect ratio 16:10. I think most of movies are produced in ratio 16:9. I´d like to know how the projector handle with this difference: native aspect ration 16:10 vs video source ratio 16:9? Are movies in 16:9 being stretched to 16:10? That would led e.g. to wider faces which I would not prefer.

  3. There are also differences in maximum brightness level mentioned on the website (300 ANSI) and the manual (500 ANSI). What is true?

Thank you for your answers.


When it says 720p it means that there are 720 pixels in a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner. 1280*800 is the width and height of the pixels. So both of those are correct. Most movies/tv shows are videod in 1080p. So it will be slightly lower resolution than movies and tv shows were originally videod in, but it’s still HD. I hope this helps!

Hello Ajsanders2004, thank you for your answers. Unfortunately you are not right, number of pixels in diagonal direction must be higher than number of pixels in vertical or in horizontal direction, that is Pythagoras sentence.
Kind regards.

I’m sorry, but I respectfully disagree.

Here is proof