Nebula Mars

Nebula Mars (projecter) has passed through the FCC.



It could launch very soon as we Anker announced it back at CES, but there’s a chance we won’t see it for another five months or even longer.

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Still on the fence with this one (even with it being a portable), well more falling backwards off the fence after reading the manual specs and dealing with projectors daily. The manual specs (limited) vs previously suggested price seem, well, low and contradictory to past reports…

Some things that jump to mind with this looking at it from a home user and a quick read of the manual;

  • has a res of 1280x800, not genuine full HD (although anything above 720p can earn the HD tag)
  • 400-650 lumens is low, our room projectors are 2.5m from a 65" projection screen and at 2200lm brightness is impacted in certain light conditions, to replace or even become a main viewing source in the home higher lumens would be needed (which in turn would impact battery)
  • home users would need to purchase a projection screen (or have a very decent white wall), which becomes an additional cost on top of a very large investment

Probably a few others will spring to mind when I can sit down and read the manual fully (although it seems barebones on specs).

Yeah I don’t see this thing selling like hot cakes at $3000.

Well if it does lanquish in stock then the price will sell.

Anything has its price, either high or low, just a matter of when.

The manual you posted is for the portable version, at around $599, not the $3000 model. Even at that price tag, it is very under spec’d against other industry branded models on the market…

For example;

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Oh, well that gives me a little relief, but, I agree with you, it still seems quite steep.

One of the Nebula projectors - not sure which one - was just featured in a YouTube video.
You can check it out here.

I’d like to test and review that

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Good luck. I’m pretty sure she was the only person to receive it.

I thought at CES on Youtube they said the Nebula portable would be around $80, Did I miss a whole decimal place?

Yes, I think so.:joy:

I heard it was $0.80 unless you got it in Cornflakes package free gift?