Nebula Mars, USB Movie, Narrow picture

Hi there,

I’m very happy with my new Nebula Mars projector (imported to France via eBay from Anker), but I realized that when playing movies with 2.35 ratio directly from USB drive they are not projected with the good aspect, everything seems to be pressed from both sides.

Even trying to change the aspect ratio in kodi, vlc or mxplayer I can’t have it the right way, every actor seems anorexic…

The same files played via hdmi (h96 stick) or network (plex) plays fine.

Anyone had the same problem ? any fix ?


Hi @Myjazz

Thanks for letting me know your concern, because we did adaptation work on the HDMI side, so the video can play fine, but we didn’t do adaptation work on USB drive, so the movies are not projected well.:cry:

an so, it will never ever work ?

too bad :sob: