Nebula mars pro deal

Any good deals coming up on nebula mars 2 and pro ?

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Hi @mac_san,

Welcome to the community!
Nebula will have a back to school sales this week, sales start from August 23rd to August 31st.
Mars II and Pro all have discounts from this period! Don’t miss out!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m down for a $400 deal, when is this starting today?

@A-J @mac_san The campaign will be available on August 23rd, don’t forget to come back to the community to get this great deal!

I saw Mars II Pro was discounted today. Did the campaign start early?

The current discount is $509.99 with a $30 coupon. That is $480.
No deal for me if that is the discount slated for tomorrow, what I need is a $400 deal.

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@nartelosti @mac_san @A-J Yes, check out the deal on Mars II Pro, and the Nebula Back to School Sale Campaign is live now!

Unlike what the deal announcement says, there is no code to get the carry case for free when you buy the Mars II Pro. Seems to only be offered for the Capsule and the Mars 2. Is that by design? Am i reading the announcement wrong?


The free accessory code is for Capsule and Mars II.

Mars II Pro has a discount code of $120 off!

Capsule II also has a discount code of $70 off.