Nebula Mars Porable Cinema vs Powerhouse

Which of there two very expensive anker products woluld you rather have?


To answer your question instead of pointing out the obvious here. I would definitely pick the powerhouse, I always find myself having to need an outlet when I am out and about and when I go camping I like to have some luxuries. So definitely the Powerhouse. I currently own 2 400WH Portable solar Generators from another company that I will not advertise for here, but they work quite well for my solar setup and come in handy. I chose this other brand for their solar input port which was something I already had laying around, the powerhouse needs a cylinder type input and upon my research I found no solar panels strong enough for my needs so I went with MC4 cables instead. All that aside the powerhouse seems like a very good product and I would one day love to see it revamped potentially as a kit that includes a solar panel with room for future expansion.

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Definatley the Nebula… It looks great and the reviews seem to rave about it !!!

Another Nebula vote here!