Nebula Mars Lite

Hey guys - total noob here to the Nebula line. Saw a good deal for a Nebula Mars and ordered it yesterday before realizing it was a Nebula Mars “Lite” :sweat:

Is this just a branding thing between the US and China (or another country) or have I gotten something completely different from what I was expecting (the Nebula Mars).

My primary concern is the brightness and contrast ratio since I intend to use this outside for movies on our patio…

And since I’m already asking, I’ve heard meh things about the internal speakers outdoors, I assume using the aux to a hardwired set of speakers is my best alternative?


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I do not think that the Nebula Lite is the same thing. It is also not sold by Anker Direct so I think it is something different.

link to what you bought?

I know of the Nebular MArs, and the Nebular Capsule, the Mars Lite… not sure I spotted that one.

Guru @joshuad11 or @cava3395 (I think you bought the Mars ?) any advice?

This is an Anker product, I posted a while back Walmart had it clearanced out


that looks just like Nebula Mars. Is the “lite” just a marketing name different or a different product?

This is exactly what I picked up. On eBay for $200, we’ll see what happens :man_shrugging:t2: seemed like a hell of a deal.

Different lumen and size than the mars

Found a user manual… 500 ANSI Lumens, 1,000:1 contrast ratio but max of 150" screen.

I feel dupped.

Might have got burned.

Yeah, short and sweet. Do not buy it. Android 4.0 is a joke and it constantly crashes even with Aptoide installed. Another problem I got often was the darn thing constantly froze where I had to use a pushpin to reset it using the pinhole reset button in the back, meaning they knew this was prone to freezing. Why else add that? :expressionless:

Don’t buy version 1 of anything. At best it is the brainchild of a smart person who solved most of the problems, at worst its the rushed ahead of schedule compromise. Version 3 is where you spend as then the smart person tuned or the rushed person got proved right and got funding or was sacked and a better person came in.

The first you see is the over-spending marketing department winning your mind, you see synthetic made-up (you can search for the photos) of fake never-happened scenarios of the product. If you wait you then see real customer reviews. If you wait further than a product update happens, then reviews, then you buy.

I might take a risk at say a $20 item and worse case I lost $20 but at the prices of Nebula,… version 3 rule applies.

Many of us here are because we bought an Anker battery and it worked well, and/or we had a warranty issue and they addressed well, but the Powercore is version 3, there were Astro before it being tuned a few times.


i also bought it, i wish at least i could update and watch youtube directly from the mars not by mirroring my phone, feelsad :frowning:

Is there anyway to root and update the OS? Like on most android phones


This is one reason it is good to wait and buy popular things and then more developers on XDA can figure out to upgrade it. All my Android devices have been popular and so there’s always a hack.

I would say you could do something cheap like buy one of the Raspberry Pi types with HDMI output (not necessarily a powerful one like 4K given the projector is so feeble) and then bluetooth keyboard to that Pi so you’re using the Mars as only a projector, then you are running Linux or one of the media optimized Linux builds. You can then do anything you want. Of course it means the Nebula is being used a dumb projector and so… is it worth the money…?

If you just did all I said and a LCD panel you’d save $

I use Chromecast with a special IPTABLES setting on the router and one of the DNS services so I can do the … cough… :innocent:

Yea I’m working with my son to set his Pi up, but of course being only 11 he wants things his way or he gives up. So we go round and round and little by little I get him doing more with it, we have a mine craft hack so now he wants to use it for that and play games, but I got him learning to setup an old 7 inch lcd as his display…he still has a bit of figuring out but he almost has it set. I want it all to be learning for him so he takes his time. If we had the mars or even any projector he would still have to set it for dual output so the main screen for applications and then projector for movies or games

I was using computers in 1979. It is a LOT easier now. I had to write in machine code so its 1 inch thick book and hexadecimal and then load it and your data was a tape recorder.

This was my setup (not my photo) in 1981

So the Internet had not been invented yet (you had dial-up bulliting boards and magazines) so everything was much slower and challenging. But you’re doing the right thing because now in 2018 I can pretty much do anything I want and my limits are the law.

Quick update: received it and tested it out… Not bad for $200!

OS is bare bones with no native apps but I plugged in an old Roku HDMI stick and it’s :ok_hand:t3:

I’ve gotten up to 120" on a grey wall and it looks great in the dark so no major complaints from me. Won’t be replacing my 4K anytime soon but it’s a damn good deal IMO for $200.

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Does a projector exist which can project to a ceiling for the ultimate in laziness big screen?

It would have to make a square image appear from an oblique angle.