Nebula Mars Lite or Prizm II for Gaming?

Hi! I am looking at purchasing a Prizm II or Mars Lite for use with our second XBox and was wondering if anybody has tried it? I am mostly concerned with the response time (is there lag between controller input and the action shown?), but I am also wondering how each generally work, such as sound and brightness/contrast/motion. Thanks for your time!

I don’t have either projector. But I would think that there would be a delay. I have also heard several people on here complain about delays with these projectors.

No delay in playing games.:innocent:

Surprisingly, I have used both projectors for extended periods of time in both gaming, presentations, and movies.

I find that the added resolution of the Prizm (Prism?) II up to 1080P makes it better for overall gaming, and that the colors appear to my eye a bit more color-accurate. With response time, the Mars Lite seemed to be slightly faster, down to a fraction of a second. (It might have been my HDMI cable, though… I just retried this, and my shorter cable leads to less lag.)

Get the Prizm II if you’re going to be in one place, not moving constantly necessitating a large battery. The Mars Lite has an autofocus and Keystone (Think: if projector tilted, Keystone gets rid of “trapezoid” shape).

Prizm II in my opinion has better colors and sound (due to larger body to “resonate” sound) but the Mars Lite is supposedly 1.5 times brighter.

Unless you’re going to be using the projector in direct sunlight, brightness shouldn’t be a massive deal. Just don’t get the 100 ANSI Lumen (original, white) Prizm.

Overall, get the Prizm if your priorities are:
-Good resolution
-Staying in one place; not taking projector to meetings

Get the Mars Lite if:
-You want more brightness, possibly for a variety of environments
-You want to wirelessly connect (Bluetooth/WiFi Magic)

  • You hate pressing buttons repeatedly to adjust keystone

Hope this helps!


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