Nebula Mars Lite - FCC

Nebula has been hard at work lately. We now know of four products, though this most recent one, Mars Lite, has not been confirmed by Nebula. It may not launch. (Ex. Eufy Ear Thermometer)

Here are the products from Nebula:

Capsule ($350)
100 ANSI Lumens, 854 x 480
Mars Lite ($?)
500 ANSI Lumens, 1280 x 800
Mars ($600)
500 ANSI Lumens, 1280 x 800
Laser ($3000)
3000 ANSI Lumens, 1920 x 1080

The main differences between the Mars and Mars Lite appear to be the contrast ratio and the picture size.

For the Mars, the contrast ratio is 10,000:1 with a projected image of 40-300"
For the Mars Lite, the contrast ratio is 1,000:1 with a projected image of 12-150"

Specifications may change.

What are your thoughts?


Can’t wait to see it live. All the features looks outstanding.


Ok, we need some reviews :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought they would have wanted to resolve issues with the Mars (or at least get a good flow of sales) before jumping in with a ‘lite’ model. Probably will have a price tag of $449-499

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Has the biggest complaint with Mars been the version of Android?

Possibly, it’s been a few weeks since I did any read up on the Mars but I believe @cava3395 didn’t have the best experience


And very lagged bluetooth. Its behind about 2 seconds when using bluetooth headphones or speakers. All Anker branded mind you.

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I also had that bluetooth lag issue - plus the sound seems pitched down slightly which is very unusual

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Did you find a solution to this or what was your course of action?

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@Theodore_Sefcik @cava3395
Install aptoide to get more apps then install vlc player from aptoide and use audio delay to correct the BT lag problem. Or bypass the nebula BT altogether and use a firestick then connect to the firestick bt.

To install aptoide

  1. download Aptoide apk from another Android device
  2. Transfer Aptoide apk to thumb drive
  3. Plug thumb drive into nebula
  4. Change security settings on mars to allow apps from unknown
  5. Install Aptoide apk
  6. Search in Aptoide for VLC player
  7. Install vlc player
  8. Choose video
  9. Use audio delay feature in vlc settings(three dots)
  10. Sit back and enjoy :sunglasses::popcorn::film_projector:

Uploading… we


Where do you download audio shift? Aptoide? I searched aptoide but cant find “audio shift” :confused:

@cava3395 Adrian, if you Download vlc player, audio shift is in its settings


the feature in VLC is actually called audio delay my bad. I was trying to upload some screenshots but it’s not working right now. Hit the three dots in vlc and it is one of the options. Looks like a caption with arrows pointing left and right.

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Mars Lite on Amazon. Currently at an interesting price point, with it being right in line with Capsule. I was expecting it to be a little closer to the regular Mars. Also answers the question that it is not a WalMart exclusive.

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From a physics perspective, you will get a better outcome in a physically larger projector as ultimately this is a heat-bound problem and bigger dissipates heat better. For any given $ spend, bigger will give a better performance than smaller.

Full HD is so expensive…

I know! It’s insane how expensive these portable projectors are compared to TVs or even standard projectors.


If it does not pass your value proposition then just wait.

I paid current equivalent of $254 for 4MB of RAM chips in 1995.


Or maybe its WalMart stock that didn’t sell even for the cheap clearance prices I saw them for. Lowest I saw them at my store was $99.97 and there were 3. :astonished:

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