Nebula Mars II , What/s up with the specs?

I figured I would ask you guys since you have one.

  1. I was wondering why the brightness downgrade in the Mars II?

  2. Also what’s the deal with Chromecast not being supported?

I tend to use my Chromecast a ton to play my movies I purchased in Youtube via the google play store.
So are you telling me the devs went out of their way to add a feature that blocks video from an HDMI
input like the chromecast? Im just trying to figure out how the nebula can figure out what kind of video input
is being sent to it when decided to block “screencast” videos… How is screen cast any different than just plugging
my computer into the projector?

Will I be able to play my videos via the youtube app instead im assuming…?


I don’t use Chromecast but Yes you will play your content through YouTube. Google play and account is available via a Beta software update but it has to be requested as its not public release yet

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the projector has brightness settings (Auto/Battery/Standard) and you can also set manually. I have found this particularly useful for short presentations where i need max brightness on battery operation

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Supposedly this decision was a part of Anker’s big effort to keep the price lower…

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I thought so but I ended up buying it during the recent sale. The prices werent that different.
Only reason I bought the 2 was because I figured the older one was out of date due to the older andriod software…


The 2 is much better than the original, as with most things the second or even third generation is worlds better than the original


Maybe also to improve battery life. Anyway, I’m still at odds as to the real, practical-world difference of the brightness.

From what I understand, the limitation is only when casting directly to the Mars - as in, from your phone to the Mars via wireless. If you plug an HDMI source, you won’t have the same limitation. The Mars is far from being the only device with such restrictions. I don’t know how it works technically, but many apps aren’t able to cast content to another device.

You should be OK with YouTube content, and you should be OK with anything you physically plug to the Mars.

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Thank you! that makes sense. I was a bit confused when the specs said “No Chromecast”.

Couldve said no Cast feature from the chrome browser or something.

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