Nebula Mars II Video Streaming Issue

Hello guys,

Im new here so i hope this is the correct channel.

I just got my new nebula mars II. Very excited about it but when i tried to play .mp4 files from a usb drive, the video starts playing, freezes and i just can hear the audio.

It’s because of the USB drive? its a 16 gb Sandisk and the movie uses only 2gb of storage.

Any ideas? Thanks!!

What is the format of that stick should be fat16 or fat32.

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Sounds like a possible codec issue. What app are you using?

Also as @Chiquinho has mentioned what is your USB drive formatted as, though at 2GB any flavour of FAT formatting should still playback.

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Ext3, Ext4, XFS will never work, but I am sure the stick is not formatted this way.
But who knows! :smile:

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So the fact it begins playing then has issues means it is not filesystem issues as then you could never even see the file never mind begin playing it.

It must (by elimination) be either:

  • you have a really very high resolution, high frame rate, video “too good” for the Mars to read. 2GB limit is fine, how many minutes is the video for a given size?
  • codec issue (as @ndalby states) . Mp4 is a bucket, only certain combinations of video and audio work commonly.

The SD card in a system (e.g. laptop) do you have the metadata of fps sizexsize, bps, video codec, audio codec, etc?

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