Nebula Mars II pro

We bought our Nebula Mars II Pro about 14 months, we recently carried out an update, everything was fine, however over the last weeks we have experienced:

1, powering off when battery is charged

  1. Powering off when connected to the charger ( we recently changed the charger because it seemed to be getting too hot)

  2. Sometimes when powering off the Bluetooth indicator flashes

  3. Sometimes it starts up without a problem

  4. The unit doesn’t overheat, fan is clean

Any idea what is going on?

I had similar issue and mine was because of the plug. It was a grounding issue and as long as I let it charge with it off I was fine, but if I turned it on I had to unplug it. I was able to get it to work with it plugged in, but it had to be fully charged before hand and I had to turn it on and then plug it in in order for it to stay working.

I never took mine a part, but other users have and found once they disconnected the internal power cables and replugged them in it started to work normally again. So that could be an option for you if you choose and are handy.

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