Nebula Mars II Pro: YouTube app crashes when changing video quality

I recently bought a Nebula Mars II Pro projector and despite its amazing quality, I run into an issue every single time I use it with the preinstalled YouTube app. The default video quality setting is usually 480p (which is extremely grainy and pixelated on such a high quality projector), but when I change it to 720p or 1080p the video crashes & I get an error reporting screen saying a problem occurred. I click “Report” every time but this issue is still a regular occurrence. Sometimes the video will begin working with the higher quality setting after clicking “Report” a few times, but not always, and I frequently give up and settle for almost unwatchable quality on my deluxe high quality projector.

I check for firmware updates several times a week in hopes this issue will be resolved. Is anybody working on a fix? The low quality is an immersion killer, but the crashing is even worse.


Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this case to our attention.

Would you mind letting us knwo your current firmware version? If it’s on the latest V3.0.37, please uninstall the YouTube and reinstall the V1.110.0 version of YouTube through Aptoide TV app store to see how it works.

If the problem remains, please contact our customer support team at for more assistance. Thank you!

Anker Support Team