Nebula Mars II pro hits FCC!

The Nebula Mars II Pro just hit FCC! Here are some more details on this projector!


Nice find! Is this one of the designs conducted through Anker Nebula Survey design B Help Shape the Future of Nebula


thanks for posting :+1:


No it’s not…

Thanks! Any details on the specs?

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Yeah. In the link I posted above…

Sorry, didn’t see the blue “here” :sweat_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks for catching this! Really looking forward to the upgraded Mars II Pro!

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Lets hope they fixed the battery issues. :wink:

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Looks very nice. I doubt many of us would be able to afford it though.

I wonder if @AnkerOfficial wants to be our personal secret Santa this year… :thinking: :wink:


I wouldn’t say no to a free Nebula :smile:


I received my Mars II Pro and have to say I am really happy with it so far. I projected it onto my 120" fixed projector screen at home and it did very well. I was pleased with the image, but the aspect ratio seemed to be a little off. Also I noticed that there was quite a bit of noticeable light leak around the actual image. This is especially evident when projecting from a low angle up on the wall using keystone correction. I would not be disappointed with the light leakage on a fixed screen because the felt absorbs it. I am mostly disappointed in it when trying to project on a stretch screen or a piece of paper or white wall especially in a dark environment. Once the movie gets rolling or there is something more to focus on the screen it tends to disappear from your mind, but it is still there. More testing to be done and the making of my portable screen for camping so I will definitely have some more opinions soon.


How is the battery life ?

Nebula advertises it has a 3hr playtime