Nebula Mars II internal speaker delay trought HDMI

So, I had bought a Nebula Mars II, and when i use anything conected via HDMI, there is a significant delay in audio, maybe 0,5s. That’s really anoying, and I think that can be solved with software, so, Nebula, Please launch a software update to solve it. I see other people having the same problem… Please answer me Nebula…

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I think this is a known issue. Hopefully they can push am update to improve or get rid of the delay


Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

May I know if you have tried a different HDMI cable or connected with another device via HDMI to see the same delay? It’s the nature for the potential delay when connecting to other devices. But per most users feedback, this shouldn’t affect your projecting experience.

If you have concerns, please contact our customer support team at with a short video to display the issue, we will try best to assist further. Thank you!

Anker Community Team

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I had tried everything: PS3, Google Chromecast, tv set top box, windows laptop… Everything I connect to the projector haves that delay… And yes, it does affect my projection experience , a lot… So annoying …
Thank you,
Please answer