Nebula Mars II - Fails multiple times to turn on. Potential Beta Firmware issue?


A while ago I’ve upgraded my Nebula Mars II to the V1045 Beta Firmware (with Google Play Support).

As was really good, until it started not to turn on by sliding the lens cover down.

The issue is that it seems to try to boot, but halts the process. I can hear the fan starting for a 1-2 seconds and then it turns off again. charge lights blink. sometimes it tries multiple times to boot but nothing happens.

After a 15-20 mins of a random ritual of plug into outlet, open cover, wait, repeat, eventual reset I can, sometimes, get it to work again. Once it’s on, all is good again. no issues.

It could be beta firmware related. To ensure that, I’d like to get it downgraded to a stable version firmware. Since it has been manually upgraded to this beta firmware, I don’t know how to revert back to the mainstream firmwares to test.

Any hints ?
Is there somewhere to download these firmwares and manually update it ?

Anker Nebula Mars II


Your best bet is to send an email to

Or call them
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (PT)

Thanks. I’ve sent an e-mail but it was already weekend. Thanks for the # though. I’ll try to call them on monday.

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Your problem is most likely the beta firmware but could also be caused by a buildup of dust. When you speak with Anker/Nebula be sure to ask about the Mars II reset procedure and please report back with your findings.

pretty sure you can reset the Mars II by holding down the power button and one of the volume buttons for 10 seconds or so but I’m not sure about the exact procedure.

As for firmware the non beta version should be available on edit just checked it’s not☹️

I write to you from Chile.
I have exactly the same problem, and although I updated the firmware my nebula mars II was still having problems.
I sent it to technical service and they told me that “it has broken connectors” so the warranty does not cover the fault.

My nebula has never received a blow or improper use.
Unfortunately, in this part of the world, the technical service and the representatives of the Anker brand in Chile are not aimed at providing a solution to the customer.

Does anyone have any experience solving this problem?


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Can you provide some pictures of the supposedly broken connectors?

Of course, tomorrow afternoon I can send them.
Do I upload them in this thread or do you prefer to send them to some email?


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Either works, please let me know if you need instructions on how to upload pictures :upside_down_face: newbies on the community sometimes find uploading pictures to be difficult.

I also have a question about the connectors. Do they move/jiggle around and if so have the cables that have been plugged into the connectors in the past ever been jostled or yanked intentionally or not?

I’m assuming that IF this has occurred in the past the HDMI port pins became disconnected from the circuit board which could be fixed depending on the damage to the circuit board. It is unlikely that you damaged the pins inside of the HDMI port that connect to the HDMI cable this would be difficult to do but not unheard of.

Assuming that was the problem this is great feedback that would enable Anker to recognize there is a problem with the sturdiness of the HDMI ports specifically their connection to the board and possibility need to be reinforced whether that be more solder or the need for internal bracing around the port.

Here’s an example of an HDMI port on a circuit you can see how fragile the connection is.

To test this theory please unplug the projector wait for 24 hours to drain (we don’t want to create a short circuits) any internal capacitors then plug in a HDMI cable lightly apply pressure up down and side to side see if the port moves.

Here the pictures (get them immediately).
In my case I never had problems with the hdmi port.

Gradually I stopped turning on when the curtain came down, and only turned on when it was connected to the power, even if the battery was fully charged.
The last week also restarted as soon as it turned on.
The fan was heard, and after two seconds it was restarted again, in a loop that could last several minutes.

in the technical service they insist that this is due to blows or misuse.
And I have taken care of my nebula mars more than my own family !!!

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Lol, hold tight help is on the way.

In your first picture the connector can be seen pulled away from where it needs to be
The red circle should be where the blue circle is

As for your other one, two connections are missing from the vertical plastic tabs on the left side of your picture

Here’s a closer look

I find it difficult to believe that these broken connections were caused by anything you might have done. It’s not like you opened up the Nebula to have a poke around. Unless you did of course. I’m assuming Anker was the first to open the case?

This is a factory defect or caused by improper disassembly and should be fixed or replaced under warranty.

To break those connectors that way, the exterior should be practically shattered, and it doesn’t have a single scratch!

Anker was the first to open the product (it has 7 months of use), according to his report, this fault is not covered by the warranty because they attribute the problem to a “knock or fall” or “product misuse.”

Anker should have the same warranty standard worldwide.
I am sure that in the United States the problem would be treated differently.

Looking at your pictures and comparing them to mine, it looks like Anker may have damaged it opening the top cover. Because they have to physically slide a spudger in between the top and the chassis in order to release the tabs, and if they were not careful you can easily slide the spudger too far in

This is what it looks like with the top insalled

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My problem today is how to convince the technical service people of what is logical for us but for them it is not.

Do you know of any technical service email or warranty from Anker International to have an official opinion that can support my argument that these connectors have not been damaged by a fall or by misuse?

Have you emailed them? If so, you can always escalate the email to management for them to look at it. @ankerofficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerTechnician plase read through and provide assistance for this user

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What retailer did you purchase this nebula from? I’m assuming it was this site.


Phone number +569 9261 8728

I bought it in a retail store, and took it to Ankerstore Chile for technical service.

They opened the equipment and now the responsible for those connectors being broken is me. ¿?

Please provide pictures of the outside of the nebula so that when @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial does take a look at this thread they will be able to better assist you ASAP.

This is the only explanation that makes any sense to me as to why connectors on both sides of the board are broken.

Regardless of your initial reason for having to take it in to be serviced it should not be returned to you more damaged then it was.

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Hi @Bernardo_Fortes

Can you share your purchase details with our nebula support team? Maybe our support team can help you contact that retailer and help you find the solution.

Please send email to, we will try our best to help you!

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