Nebula Mars and Amazon Fire Stick

I tested using the 39.99 Amazon Fire Stick with the Nebula Mars and it works amazingly well. Even using the USB slot for power for the fire stick. (No extra power cable needed).

If the current Operating System for the Nebula Mars was any better, I wouldn’t have to do this.

There might be a nicer way to staple the fire stick to the Nebula Mars rather than having it just dangle out the back.

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Is this the new Fire TV stick? I think it has a more powerful CPU which would use more power, it is nice to know the Nebula can supply that.

Yeah, it was one I just got from amazon yesterday. It think it would have to be the newest one. FireTVStick with Alexa Voice Remote. It has 802.11ac and ASAP video.

Better layout with the cables in this photo below:


You actually bought the stand Anker designed specifically for the Nebula? Wow! I thought no one ever bought any as they had no reviews on Amazon and are now currently unavailable, last I checked.

Nice setup! What movie are you showing first? And are we invited? :grin:


Love the setup. As @TechnicallyWell said, “are we invited?” :wink:

Yup, got the stand from Nebula and it has been great. Very sleek and streamlined. Looks really integrated.

I’m seriously considering buying a projector… Do you think the Mars can fully replace a TV?

No. Speakers arent loud enough, on top of the fan noise it is even quieter even at full blast. During the day it is not bright either. But hey Amazon has a good return policy :joy: so try it out.

Hehe sure will ! I’m waiting on my TV to die, it’s almost there…

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Greetings users.
I am new Smart TV user. I bought Amazon fire tv and installed Kodi media player on it. I have heard that Kodi should be used after turning VPN on. Without VPN it is not recommended to be used. What should i do now.