Nebula Mars 2 screen shake

Hi all,

So, I’m on Nebula Mars 2 unit THREE and this one is also faulty.

Number one had an issue after a number of months where the screen started to shake ever so slightly, but enough to make you feel a bit sick when watching it.

Nebula said it was an issue they’d seen before, replaced it for unit number two.

That had to go back after a couple of months as a small light hole appeared on the screen….

Number three turned up in November (after me having to email a fair bit about a replacement for number two as they said they wouldn’t replace outside of warranty, but technically this was a brand new unit) and that stopped functioning about two weeks ago.

Firstly it wouldn’t allow me to open Google Play Store (I’d added the beta testing GMS code I was given by Nebula) and then would only open existing apps and nothing else.

Waiting to hear back from them about this as they suggested recovery, did that and now the issue I had with my original unit is back!


Has anyone else had similar issues and was there a fix?

Not being able to control what’s on the projector remotely and having to re-add all my apps is super annoying anyway, but now I’ve also got to get through to customer support about the shake and it’s making me want to get rid of the thing altogether and get a projector that actually works.

Surely three units in just over a year is too many!!

Any help greatly appreciated.


Never seen that issue before, hope there is a solution for it