Nebula Kiosk Mode?

Hi there. Just bought a Nebula Mars II Pro to use in a venue for dynamic signage.

How do I make the projector auto-play video media when it’s powered on?

Is there a “Kiosk” mode setting on one of the built-in apps, or something comparable to download that can be set to launch automatically when the projector is turned on?

Specifically, I want to loop a video file (loaded on a USB drive, plugged into the port on back) whenever the unit is turned on, similar to how SAMSUNG TVs let you plug in a USB drive and set it to auto-play at startup.

I figured out how to loop MP4 videos via the built-in media player, but don’t see any obvious solution via built-in settings.

Do any of the other Nebula products support such a kiosk feature?

Any ideas?