Nebula has a new challenger: Lumes

Lumes: World’s Smartest All In One Projector. $450 retail.

Surf the web.
Play 4K videos on big screens
Do presentations on the big screen
Vertical and Horizontal Keystone Correction
2D to 3D convertibility


Interesting product and I’m surprised that $5000 seems to cover their production costs

Has a better native resolution as well, but I wonder how hot it runs when functioning.

Someone asked, here is their response. I am very sceptical of this and doubt it will ever be delivered as promised

Either they are able to make them cheap as chips or they only plan on releasing a handful based on that $5,000 target :laughing:

Even if you are new to crowdfunding surely you must know what your production costs are going to be vs the number to be made to enable a profit for future ventures / updates.

I can just picture this company being tore to shreads if they were on Dragons Den here in the U.K. :see_no_evil::joy:

Good luck to those who backed the project :slight_smile: