Nebula cosmos updates

Anyone from anker looking at the crowd funding pages questions being asked about product no responses not a good look for communication.

Chinese New Year… So all responses expected after Jan 31st, some patience helps :grin:

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Makes sense :smiley:

They seem to reply to some questions but comms are poor

Japanese reviews already appearing on youtube

They have mentioned stretch goals but if these are legit looks like there already in production

yes, I saw all of these already, thanks for posting them here

They often do prototypes and Beta testing before going to kickstarter. And yes, I felt the communication on kickstarter programs is not good enough from Anker.

@AnkerOfficial are kickstarter and indiegogo getting any updates community is growing restless .

China’s had a tough few months, give them a break?

This seems to be wrong time for any product releases, delays expected with more and more widespread issues and viral outbreak.

need to have some patience and expect delays :grimacing:

However, the least that could be done is, provide timely updates on delays. That is something what is expected from users who have funded this on these crowdfunding sites.

I think people understand that but communication is not a big ask . If you look at philips at the rival picco max they have continued to provide updates to there backers. And even told there backers the factories are back open and have resumed production.

I would always put peoples saftey and wellbeing if means a delay

@AnkerOfficial why have you locked the update down on kickstarter and provided no updates to the Indiegogo backers .

Is there any forum members who could post the latest update from kickstarter in here. Team nebula don’t seem to responding to anyone on indeigogo and they have locked the latest update to kickstarter backers which doesn’t help

Thanks in advance

Is that not a sign to ignore?