Nebula Cosmos Review

Ive had my Cosmos for little over a week and I have observed the following.
Firstly the Pro’s

  • Image quality is excellent
  • The UI is easy to navigate and logical
  • set up is very easy
  • Support are helpful and prompt

but the cons

  • In the UK and ITV player, BBC iPlayer and NetFlix apps don’t work on the projector. These are 3 pretty fundamental streaming channels and for them to be supported is pretty poor. The advice was to use a Firestick but thats the answer I could just buy any old projector and a firestick.
  • While the image quality is good, the projector doesn’t perform well in a room that has light “pollution”. Once it gets dark its great but you have to block out all light.
  • Bluetooth mode is useful but I find that it disconnects from my Mac 3-4 times per day. Ive raised a support ticket so this may be fixable but i though it worth mentioning.

All in all, the jury is out for me. Im very tempted to return the product right now as the experience doesn’t match my expectations which has left me disappointed.
The support team have been very helpful and have said they will raise the issues with development but im not confident these will be resolved in a meaningful timescale.


That’s because you selected an Android TV platform.

If you picked an Android platform you can always sideload iPlayer and other apps and works fine.

Yes, projectors are fundamentally a less good product for image quality, it costs more, has less resolution, and is less dim than a flat panel. It’s an issue with all projectors.

You should return it and buy a flat panel unless you are absolutely sure you need something that is pack-away-able.


Good review :+1: there is probably a workaround to make the apps you listed work

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nice review. If you can post some pictures for reference it will be awesome.

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You can sideload the same apps both on proper Android TV and on the phone-Android-used-on-TV.

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Good to know!

Not all apps have Android TV versions. Does Android APK install on Android TV?

And when I mean sideload, I didn’t mean developer mode, enable ADB and then ADB sideload, I meant just download on another device, copy to USB stick, insert in projector USB and open in file manager to install.

I did that on my Android projector for BBC and Firefox and Vanced app for adblock browser and YouTube.

does it work in normal lighted room? something like office projector?

Nice review

Appreciate the nice review.

I think any projector will not do great with light pollution. (with 900 Lumens, Cosmos will do better than most) I think this is a potential issue with most projectors.

I think I have only seen a few times that a home that did not have a dedicated window. It is why I am would be limited to just get an Astro or another smaller versions of projectors for my potential need such as camping or potential vacation needs.

Update: I have applied the latest firmware update and the Bluetooth has been pretty rock solid since. Im assuming there was something in that version to address this but if someone can point me in the direction of the release noters it would be much appreciated

Not all projectors, but those really high class ones are unaffordable for private use.