Nebula Cosmos max with Sonos Arc

Hi ya’ll so I just purchased a cosmos max and a Sonos Arc sound bar system. I plan to run one hdmi from the cosmos all the way around the room to the hdmi port. Is that gonna do it for me? I don’t believe the Sonos arc even has an optical output. It relies on 1 hdmi ARC input. The hdmi port on the Cosmos also says ARC though so that can work yea? I’m new to home theater game and sorry for the noob question.

That product is expensive so likely not many bought so you’ll struggle to find a community member to help (other than guessing).

Reach out to Nebula directly and if you find the answer post it here for next member after you with the same ask.

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As mentioned by @professor due to the price of the item it’s unlikely a community member will be able to definitively give an answer, you would be best reaching out to

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