Nebula cosmos max does not project(need help)

So I bought a nebula cosmos max less than a month ago, about two days ago I would turn it on and it will turn on and the fans would run but it would not turn on the light and project. I’m able to cast to it and hear the audio for a bit but then after a bit it restarts on its own. I was wondering if anyone has had that issue aswell and if there is anyway to fix it. I’ve tried different outlets and nothing I do makes it project.

There are not so many nebula owners here.
I really would suggest the support.
The device is under warranty, so you will get a solution.

@hvidal25 As mentioned by @Chiquinho not many community members own such devices, based on your fault description you would be best reaching out to for assistance direct from the support team.

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Hmm the projector is not projecting, definitely get it replaced under warranty

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