Nebula Cosmos and Cosmos Max Issues & Resolutions

here are some of the commonly asked questions. Guys it would be great if you can help if any other issues or resolutions in comments.

Updating with few Answers from Anker Support.

  1. How to update firmware?
    You can normally update the firmware through settings>device preferences>about> system update.

  2. How to get the gray scale boarder go away?

  3. How to adjust the height at witch the projector projects on the screen ?
    I would recommend you put the device on a higher flat table or mount it on the wall at a suitable height. Currently we don’t have a tripod to recommend yet to work with the Cosmos Max yet.

  4. What is the best distance to mount from the screen?
    It’s recommended to project between 1.6-2.6 meters

  5. How to download Netflix ?
    Please see this video to get the Netflix installed:

  6. When we mount the projector to the ceiling, where do i need to place the power adapter? Can it be placed on the projector?
    It’s not recommended to put the adapter on the projector, you may attach or affix it to the wall if possible.

  7. Do you have instructions on how to mount to drywall ceiling?

  8. What Screws can be used to mount the projector to Drywall?

  9. why does the projector have a loud fan noice?
    As the model supplies high brightness and clearer images, it has a powerful optical engine inside which needs the fan to run stronger as well. If you have concerns with the fan noise, please first update the firmware to V9.1.18 and see if any improvement.

  10. Any Issues with auto keystone correction?
    Sorry that we currently only support auto vertical keystone correction, for the horizontal keystone correction, it has to do manually. Please go through settings>projector settings to turn off the keystone correction and adjust manually.


Just received my Cosmos Max. Excited. But disappointed, i notice several vertical stripes.

should i hold off? was planning to buy tomorrow

Hi @Annu,

Thanks for emailing nebula team earlier and please check your email for responses. :blush:

PS: We will post the answers later on the community as well for users who have the same questions in the future.

Thank you for taking care of questions and support for Nebula Cosmos Series @AnkerOfficial :+1:

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Hi @johan.vink,

Thanks for letting us know your issue. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Please reach out to nebula service team with your order details, so they can resolve the problem for you.

Thank you for your understanding. :blush:

Hi I backed and now received nebula cosmos (having already backed the capsule 2}. Everything was great until the latest update.
The experience has now been ruined by a constant “hissing/white noise” sound. This even occurs when connecting to Bluetooth speaker/headphones. How can this be fixed?!


I have the same problem in the sound it sounds nonstop like some kind of noise or cracking :thinking: And every 20 minutes I have to sharpen the picture (with autofocus) because it’s blurry?

Any idea or help :confused:

I too am having the same Issues with sound distortion at low volume and focus going out every half hour , plus the darkness issue ! Come on now ! There is no excuse as to why in 2020 we can’t make out people of colour in night scenes . This needs to be corrected .

1080p version here- No updates from Nebula on this thread? The firmware update did not help the atrocious issues with black on non hdr content.

I did not back this and paid full price - I would have welcomed the opportunity to be a beta tester but at full price live in the market I find this is unacceptable.

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Truly saddened by this product. I had such high hopes for it.
I too am suffering with focus going out and sound issues with lag.

One problem is that I cannot control the volume through the ARC connection on HDMI. My old projector setup the same way had no issue.Also I never had lag with the sound through HDMI.
Is it a bandwidth issue? I have a high bandwidth HDMI cable…

I am having two issues with my Cosmos Max. 1) In order to start the Cosmos Max I have to use the button on the unit. It will not boot from the remote. I can use the remote once it is on and turn it off from the remote, but if I turn it off from the remote and leave it for more than an hour, I then need to reboot the Cosmos Max from the power button on the unit. This is an issue especially if I ceiling mount it in the future. 2) The optical audio doesn’t work all the time. I have to unplug the toslink cable and plug it back in to get it working.

My other major complaint is with the zoom. Because of my projector placement, I have to zoom to 60% to fit my 104" screen. This creates a 2 foot white boarder of ambient light around the screen. Overall I am disappointed with this product. As a Kickstarter backer, I was expecting better. I have a Mars II which is a great portable projector with better build quality. The Cosmos Max seems like it was rushed to market.

I also get a sharp cracking noise from the speaker sometimes when a movie first starts to play from Plex. The audio is also super low and I have to turn it up very high to hear everything.

Hi There,

Thanks for bringing the issues to our attention.

Normally, you shall be able to turn on the projector either by remote or the power button on the device. Could you please contact us at to provide a short video to display the issue? For the optical output, may I know if you have gone through settings>projector settings>audio settings to select optical output manually.

As for Zoom, in the case of a certain projection distance, the light emitted by the projector is a fixed size area, and the display pixels analyzed by soc will project the pixels to the above display area one by one; at this time, the picture is reduced by the zoom function, and the only thing that is reduced is Pixels resolved by soc, not the light-emitting area of the projector, so this phenomenon exists.

Sorry that we understand that the unit is not yet perfect, but we are working hard to make it better. Your voices and feedback are really important to us. Thanks for your understanding and support!

Anker Support Team

Please contact us at with a short video and your Cosmos firmware version so that we could verify and assist further. Thank you!

Anker Support Team

@AnkerSupport I just received my Cosmos Max (ordered from Amazon UK), and I’m having one small issue…

The firmware - even the latest 9.1.26 - is a 32bit build. The hardware of the Cosmos (Amlogic T962X2) supports 64bit ARMv8, yet for some reason, you’ve decided to build with ARMv7L as a target.

This is problematic for a few reasons:

  • Google is phasing out 32bit support of apps, including TV apps - Android TV 11 will only be available in 64bit
  • Many apps (BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Plex Media Server, just to name a handful) are ARMv8/64bit only
  • Targeting armv7l instead of aarch64/armv8 has some drawbacks (lower performance, no access to newer, better performing instructions in the CPU)

I’d like to request that you start beta testing a 64bit built of Android TV - I’d gladly partake in it, and as this is a daily use device for me, I’d be able to give feedback. As a software developer, I think my insights would be valuable to your company, and as I’m developing media apps specifically for Android (including Android TV!), I could possibly even find other issues that users might not be aware of.

I understand that this might be a BSP limitation from Amlogic - I’ve tried a handful of their T-series media chipsets (T950X2 specifically) and they also come with 32bit builds by default. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to switch to 64bit - without 64bit support, this device is dead on arrival, and won’t be upgradable to Android TV 11.

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Am I going to get a response? I’ve purchased a £1400 unit that does not function as described - I’d expect prompt support, not some laughable chat availability, and no response for over 3 days on your official support forum.

My other issues so far:

  • HLG needs an on-off toggle. In some media (especially on Netflix), HLG is incredibly slow: the scene changes, and previous gamma values are still there for up to 2 seconds, making the new scene “faded”, washed out, until HLG corrects and detail kicks in. This is incredibly jarring experience
  • The Cosmos Max turns itself off when the display is turned off for a longer period (4-6 hours). I want the system to be on stand-by, and not sit through 2-3 minutes of boot and loading.
  • Upon restart, the LED settings (logo and the starscape on top of the Cosmos) are forgotten, and default to “ON”. I want them permanently disabled, but this setting does not seem to be persisted.
  • The Cosmos Max, albeit touts a 4K resolution, RUNS AT 1080P ONLY. You have to manually set the window resolution through ADB (wm size 3840x2160) to get proper 4K resolution. How can you market a projector as 4K if it’s literally NEVER in 4K mode? The device literally reports a 1920x1080p physical size.

Because of all these issues, don’t even bother to address the problems. It’s clearly a money grab attempt from Anker, and I will be returning my Cosmos Max for an actual 4K projector. I’m not in the market to spend £1400 and have to deal with issues that shouldn’t even exist on a device this price range. It’s ridiculous that you HAD THE MONEY UPFRONT due to the Kickstarter and Indiegogo, yet you released a subpar product with zero support.

@AnkerOfficial here has nothing to do with this, all they can do is reach out to the appropriate team. Your best bet is to reach out to and they can further help with any issues you may have.

Also bear in mind they are just coming off a week long mandatory break in China so response time may be limited due to the backlog they may have, so please be patient until they get back in touch with you

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So far I am good with the Nebula Cosmos 1080p. It is awesome to watch movies and the sound is good, too.
My problem is that after a while I hear a crackling noise and especially when the volume is low you hear it pretty good. On high volume you can hear just in some quite movie scenes or when people are speaking.
I did an update and I hope that it has something to do with the software and not the hardware.

Would be nice for some tips or infos.

Hi, I am experiencing exactly the same issue.
Any news or ideas yet?