Nebula Capsule USB Format Not Supported

I bought a Nebula Capsule that I love but I’m trying to use a USB stick with some .mp4s and keep getting the error “USB Format Not Supported.” Is there a disk format that the USB drive needs to be in order to work? Otherwise I tried the stick with just .jpgs and it still did not work so I don’t believe its the format of the actual files creating the error.

Have you tried other USB sticks/plugged this USB stick into other machines? I’m not sure what sort of storage the Nebula Capsule reads, but there may be an issue with the USB stick or the Nebula’s port, so try different ports and sticks to make sure that there’s no problem there.

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I’ve been using the stick for a while so I’m sure that’s not the issue. I guess I’ll check the port on the device and the adapter they sent with it. I was just wondering if there was a disk format (NTFS, Ex-Fat, etc.) that was preferred.

Because the nebula uses OTG adapter it’s file system format is based off of USB file system: FAT32
Make sure your card is formated this way first and then add your files. Most cards are defaulted to ntfs format and that may be why you are seeing this message


This worked great and was exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks!


My pleasure to have been of assistance for you and glad it worked out for you


You should use FAT32 this format is supported by all BS.
Linux, MAC, Windoofs (sic), Android etc. This should work.

It sucks that fat32 is limited to 4gb files but you can always split the movies files into parts.

5 Easy Ways to Split Large Video Files into Parts

I get same format not supported and my flash is formatted to Fat32. Any ideas


Can you format the flash drive on the projector?

Possibly a defective flash drive, also It is possible that the thumb drive you are using is too large I have a hunch that when you are using a flash drive the size limit is 64GB or 128GB but don’t quote me on that.

I recommend installing Plex Media server on the projector in your computer then streaming all of your videos to simplify things for yourself.