Nebula Capsule Review

I purchased the Nebula Capsule on Amazon Prime Day(s) and thought it was about time I posted a review. Let’s jump on in.

Everyone always talks about the packaging and I feel like the topic has been overdone. Maybe it is important for random items I buy off Amazon but every Anker product I have purchased is always packaged like a premium product that reassures the consumer they have made the correct decision – so on to the product!

What’s included in the box:

Nebula Capsule
USB-A to micro-B cable
Wall charger
Micro-B to USB-A female adapter
IR remote
Mesh carrying bag

But of course, here is your star. In short, the Nebula Capsule is a great product. It is portable and versatile – ideal qualities for a mini projector.

Initially, I was drawn to the Nebula Capsule for its portability. I loved the idea of projecting media on to various surfaces while on the go. Weighing in at 15 oz. and being comparable in size to a soda can, it’s reasonable to say you can take it anywhere and do just that.

What I found most impressive about the Capsule was its versatility. It is capable of HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and screen mirroring so no matter my intentions, I always had multiple options for viewing content. There is a HDMI input on the projector and USB functionality is accomplished via the micro-b adapter provided with the Capsule.

Of course, the Capsule does have its limitations that I feel must be considered. Most of the complaints tend to revolve around picture quality, image brightness, and sound. In my opinion, the Capsule holds its own in all those aspects when you consider its small size and portability. The projector performs optimally in dark settings and is decent in low-light settings.

As far as picture quality, it does what it says. It projects pictures at a resolution of 854 x 480. It’s a definite downgrade if you are used to only viewing content in 4K but it hardly matters when you are getting to watch your favorite videos on nearly any ceiling or wall you choose. The same can be said about the sound. The 5W speakers are more than enough for most applications but I did find myself missing my surround sound at times. Of course, this can be remedied by connecting a Bluetooth speaker of your choosing. Pairing with two Soundcore Flare or Flare mini speakers seems like the perfect solution, however I have not tried this myself.

Personally, I find it useful to be able to bring the video to my friends versus asking everyone to move to a specific room where a tv is located. I also enjoy being able to view content on my ceiling before bed. So far, my favorite use has been connecting my Samsung Galaxy phone to the HDMI port via an Anker hub and getting to use it like a portable Dex station.


Great review Seth! Glad you like your capsule! Keep up the good reviewing work!

Nice review!!Thanks for including Resolution details and about Downgrade from 4K

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Great review and pictures

Great review :+1:

Well done :slight_smile:

Nice review and pics

Well done.

VGA, ain’t great to be fair, and I don’t have fancy pants TV… It’s approx 12 years old, hd ready (not even full hd) has 2 major black lighting type ghost lines across the screen.

To go back to VGA is not just a little downgrade… It’s a MASSIVE DIWNGRADE. mind price if a 19" led HD TV, I’d say it’s a lot of money for.little reward other than taking anywhere on a battery (even if a couple massive powerbanks). Admittedly, you’d be hard pressed to get a TV in your rucksack, leave alone your camping gear, but if by car etc, I’d ipt for TV… And use the change for a powerhouse.


I have NO more TV, Mac.
I am FREE!

Gave mine to the trash 20 years ago.
No more of such “political “sprinkling”” this way.
When I see some faces of these “…”
I would have to take another of my high blood pressure medicament.
NO TV → no negative thrills! :rofl:

It’s why I avoid the news n political programs… Too much shouting at TV, which I do plenty of anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: especially when watching programs about animal rescue… Those poor animals.

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Then in that case this would be a massive upgrade for you!! :grin:

Okay so maybe I understated the degree of downgrade…

Or perhaps I was only viewing from the purple zone!


Upgrades are often a TOTAL downgrade! :rofl:

I was talking about those lousy TV programs all around the world only :wink:

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Hope you dont watch programs where those politicians are rescued.

Not sure I get that infograph.

At what point of distance Vs size do you notice a difference?

My TV is 39 inches, and I’m 8 to 10ft away, depending back or leant forward.

I’d know whether I was watching hd or hd+ against VGA screen.

Having said that… I remember THIRTY YEARS ago, I had a TV (old style, big box) that had a picture that I’d say, would if purchased today, hold up against a lot of TVs.

very nice review, i want one!

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