Nebula Capsule Max YouTube issue and fix for it

Hi all Nebula Capsule Max owners,

after I switched to the beta firmware with Google Play support I had an issue with the YouTube icon (big red YouTube Button in the middle of the Screen) on the launchers hompage.
If I opened this the first time, not the YouTube app was offered to install like at the Amazon or Netflix button. Only the Nebula App Store’s (Nebula Manager Version 1.0.9) homepage was opened.

Here I saw in the lower middle part of the screen the YouTube app. I navigated there and installed it.

But still the launcher button didn’t open the YouTube app, only the nebula App store’s homepage.

After a while I found the reason. There are two different YouTube app version in the App store! The version I installed was version 1.110.0 from the category ‘Movies & TVs & Shows’.
I now installed the Version 2.06.06 from the category ‘Recommend’. To find it you need to navigate widely to the right in the category.

After installing this version and uninstalling the old one, the YouTube button on the launchers home screen is working, it opens directly the YouTube app.

May this will help you too.


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Good useful information

Thanks for sharing with us @Otmar_Spottel

Good job finding a solution