Nebula Capsule Max - You're Going Back

I recently got a Capsule Max. I cant recommend this product to anyone, especially someone in the UK.

The hardware itself seems pretty good. But this device (and from what I can see is let down by shitty software. And considering the price of the kit, this isnt acceptable.

Android 8. Stripped and skinned and out of date. Not the end of the world but lacking in lots of ways now. Very little customisation allowed so the main menu has items that cant be removed and stuff that needs to be there cant be added. (Screen Mirroring for example)

Nebula Manager. I havent see the point in this. The apps get installed from the Play Store when they work. Some apps dont work until you install the beta firmware that allows access to Google Play

Video resolution. The image us supposed to be 1280x720 but if youre on iplayer you dont get that if youre streaming with no options to increase it. The device can cope.with playing content at this size so I’m guessing the app is restricted. Netflix is the same once you fudge it kn there. Smart TVs from 2014 have a better UI and experience here.

Battery life seems to overestimated from my experience. I’ve had less than 4 hrs in Battery Mode.

There are loads of other little niggles with this device but the biggest problem controlling it. Youve got the buttons in the top and the remote which are fine. Until you realise you’re told you can’t use them as the apps youre using are the mobile apps that are designed around a touch UI and you need to switch to mouse mode. And then we come to the Nebula Connect app. Which is better than the remote for some things but not all, and takes too long to constantly reconnect to the app if you switch away from it.

Thanks Nebula. If anything this projector has made me realise you can polish a turd. Then pop it in a beer can and sell it as a Capsule Max.

Yea I don’t know what your on about as I have and use the capsule max for the past 2 years and I have no issues with it. Hell I even use the remote when it says the remote doesn’t function…but it still does and I use the arrows on it to navigate. Or switch it to mouse mode and use it that way.

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I’ve also had no issues, in fact it’s better than I expected. I use netflix all the time and project it to my ceiling. Quality of the picture and sound are great.
As for android apps, I’ve only come across 1 that didn’t work. I downloaded some cloud apps as I’ve uploaded movies onto them and can stream them direct from there.
The UI is basic, for me it’s how I like it. Yes it could be improved, such as resolution settings but I can’t think of much else.

Fair enough - each is entitled to their own opinion.
We’ve had our Nebula Capsule Max for over a month now, and we’ve really enjoyed it, almost every evening. She likes it, I like it. We really like it. It’s small, and unobtrusive, quiet enough (next to my head) during watching, and sits nicely on the bed headboard. Ok, so it’s not the brightest (no use during daylight, and needs a somewhat darkened room, draw the curtains), but gosh, the controls are just fine once you get used to them, and that literally only takes a few minutes of patience. Sound is just fine too. And casting at 3m for 150 inch view on the bed room wall, then I can only just make out the pixel edges if I stand right next to wall being projected on to. There is nothing wrong with the resolution IMO. Happily recommend this to anyone who cares to listen. If this is your first time in to projecters, as it was ours, then you won’t be disappointed. We tried some horrible mickey-mouse rubbish for like £150 and gosh it was useless. Ok so this was £400 even after a £70 discount deal, but you get what you pay for. It’s quiet, definitely bright enough for evening viewing, good enough resolution, easy interface, and decent controls.
As for content, yeah the app sucks a bit. Instead just get yourself an official Apple “lightning to HDMI” cable, and bobs your uncle use your iPhone as your content device. Aces! Now we have it all, BBC iPlayer, Apple TV, NetFlix, Amazon Prime, VLC, USB stick :wink: whatever.

Although I don’t share the overall negativity of the original post (and I somewhat enjoy owning the Capsule Max), I must admit the firmware and UX are pretty bad. I hope that someone at Anker/Nebula reads this and they rectify their mistake by releasing a new or alternative firmware.

Cause the Nebula Max itself (maybe apart from the low luminosity) is a great piece of tech.