Nebula Capsule Max - Bluetooth Speaker Audio latency HDMI or USB or WI-fi Connection

Hi all,
I’ve got audio sync issue when connecting a bluetooth speaker to my Nebula Capsule Max
it happens wifi+hdmi and USB connection
the audio is 1sec late than the image !!
I’ve got the same issue with my 2 different bluetooth speakers
one is a libratone zipp mini 2 (bluetooth 4.1)
the other is libratone zipp (bluetooh 4.0)

is there a solution??
if I watch a movie through VLC I can adjust the audio sync, but if I watch a live stream there is no control



Hi There,

Thanks for bringing this case to our attention.

In your case, may I know if it works fine when no HDMI used when you try the Bluetooth speaker with Capsule Max? Please also test your Bluetooth speaker with your other devices in the same condition to see if it will work fine. Normally the Bluetooth lag depends on the Bluetooth’s decoding capability of your speaker.

1 second late doesn’t sound normal. Please contact our customer support team at to provide a short video so that we could verify and assist further.

Thank you!

Anker Support Team

my bluetooth speakers are working fine only when playing a web (tv) stream

  • if I’m playing a movie (.mkv, .mp4, …) through my wifi network using (VLC android) or with an HDMI using (VLC Macos) or USB I’ve got a 1 sec. sound latency
  • I also have sound latency when casting a movie (using stremio or popcorntime) from my macbookpro.

Hi Eric,

May I know if you have tried the speaker with your other devices besides Nebula Capsule Max? If the issue only happens with our product, please contact us at with a short video to display the issue and we will be glad to assist further.

Sorry for the trouble caused and thanks for your understanding.

Anker Support Team

I also have this problem with the Nebula Apollo projector connected to my Sony Bluetooth headphones.

  • The headphones sync perfectly with other devices.
  • The headphones snyc perfectly when using the built in apps on the Nebula Apollo (like Netflix).

The problem only occurs with the HDMI input. I plugged in a Chromecast device into the HDMI (the Chromecast works perfectly with other devices), and the audio sync was out when using Bluetooth. When not using Bluetooth (using the internal speaker), there were no sync issues.

I’ve now solved this by upgrading my Chromecast device to a Chromecast with Google TV device. Now I can connect my Bluetooth headphones directly to Chromecast with Google TV (not to the Nebula Apollo projector), and the sync is perfect.

It’s still a great projector, just don’t rely on the HDMI sound through the device, to a bluetooth speaker or headphones.