Nebula Capsule Max and Google Play - I can't get a response from Support - UK

I have a Capsule Max to play over the Hot Tub for football and films. Clearly films work and BT Sports mirrors for now but will terminate soon for Chromecast - can anyone help with the Dev code to allow me to download Chromecast?

Also has anyone linked an iphone via HDMI, if yes how?



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I can’t help with the Dev code.

But I can help with Android and how to install stuff you can’t get in Play Store.

Go to an APK mirror site and search for the app you want. There are usually different versions, some work some won’t work, related to Android versions and the DPI and orientation.

Download on a device which can save to Flash drive. Drive must be FAT formatted which is usually the older smaller ones. Don’t need much storage anyway.

Insert to the Capsule Max, find the file manager if it doesn’t pop open automatically, then find your drive and the file and open, that will install it. If doesn’t work try different versions til you’ve exhausted all the versions.

I had the Max for a few hours a year ago and I did this just fine, it was easy, I didn’t take screenshots so you’ll have to be a geek to nose around, nothing was difficult.

@niel.crozier You would need an adapter for HDMI use with iPhone like the following

As for support contact, as the Easter weekend has just passed I would give it a few days for a response. If you still have not receive a response in a day or two, reply the email auto-reply.