Nebula Capsule Max and Disney +


sorry for my bad English,

i’ve got a Capsule Max
with the last firmware
(Version V2_0.41)

if that is possible to install the Disney plus application ?
i don’'t find it in the store. (only Disney Now)

i would like to install the application directly on the capsule

thank you

Jeremy from France from Chamonix

@Jeremy_Wrona Please reach out to Nebula Support and request Unlock code for Google play store ( beta update / unlock code received from Nebula support)

Once you get this unlocked, you should be able to install Disney Plus and other apps from Google Play Store :slight_smile:

Note that Unlock code, initiates a firmware update on the Nebula product.

Let us know if this helps!

thank you
i send the request

Best of luck, let us know the results (hopefully positive :crossed_fingers:) !

I owned the Max.

There was an app not in the list, I downloaded it from an APK mirror to USB and then file manager opened it. Worked fine. Trivial to any Android geek.

On a device other than the Max go here

Download the latest APK
Save to a USB stick.
Plug in the stick to the Max
Go to file manager, USB
Open the APK
It will ask if ok.

Then you’ll have it.

I would always suggest the proper / legitimate option of downloading the APK / installable files from a known source - Either Directly from Disney Site (if they offer one) OR Google Playstore,

We cannot really trust these third party .APK providers, and not sure if these .APK files are doctored or modified with malware or credential snoopers or how these apps use the credentials entered into Disney or any other apps.

Use Software from Legitimate Sources! In this case Google Playstore is the right way!

Just a word of caution… my 2 cents

I can’t be sure but I think I saw Disney Plus available in the Nebula Manager app. I know that is the easiest workaround for Netflix.

dear all,
i have contacted the support,
they give me the procedure for unlock my capsule Max

But on the play store google, the disney plus is not visible.
if i look my account on my computer, i find the the disney plus application,
and there is the information what the application cannot be installed on the anker MC2
(capsule max)
has anyone already installed the application?

thank you

Did you follow this step by step guide? The reason is the step by step guide below does not do what you did, it uses to install a different app then you can cost from another device.


thank you for the link,
if i understand correctly, that is necessary to have a chromecast,
me i would like to install directly the appz on the capsule max

you do not need Chromecast… The App AirScreen on Nebula provides the Casting feature to Nebula, so that you can “cast” media to it, similar to how you would cast to an actual Chromecast device.

This is how I am using Disney+ today on Nebula Capsule

Steps to Chromecast Disney+ (Plus) using Chrome Browser.

#1 : Open the Chrome browser and visit .
#2 : Tap the LOG IN button located at the top right corner of the screen.
#3 : Enter your Login credentials.
#4 : Select and stream the Disney+ content that you want to cast.
#5 : Click the Cast icon located at the top right corner of the media player.
#6 : Choose Nebula AirScreen (or whatever name it shows you)

Or you can simply use iPhone or Android device to cast!!!


I think I understand better this time.
But why does Nebula not allow you to install the application?

thank you

I would personally use sideloading. I owned the Max and within minutes had apps not there in the list. @Shenoy has pointed out that the Play Store affords you a verified app.

Sideloading goes like this:

  • get a USB stick formatted FAT. Can be an older smaller one.
  • on a device which can write to a USB stick. Laptop PC, Android OTG, etc.
  • download this apk
  • save to USB stick, eject safely
  • plug into Max
  • (from memory) go to file manager, select the USB stick and open the above APK
  • let it install.
  • it will then probably ask you to register the device, you’ll get a code on the Max screen and then to a place at Disney and type in the code. I don’t have Disney but I had to do similar for BBC Iplayer.

So now you have two methods. The method @Shenoy mentions has advantage of probably a better UI.

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Missed to add, you can simply use iPhone or Android device to cast!!!

May be it is something to Android version (8.1) or limitations. May be Nebula Support can answer it.

Disney plus is not certified to work in the Nebula because its a modified beta software. Your only bet is to Screencast to the device or try and sideload it, but even sideloading is not guaranteed to work. I gave up trying and just stream from my phone to the Max

I prefer to keep the apps light weight on the Nebula, keeping bare minimum apps, and only use casting, keeps it running smooth and solid!

Nebula should add the Disney in the Aptoide App store or Nebula Manager to overcome these issues for Customers


I received support feedback after installing the google play compatible version.
Disney + is available in the nebula manager.
very happy

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Great to hear… Anker / Nebula have great support team.

So what exactly did Nebula Support provide, update the firmware? Pushed the Disney+ on Nebula Manager?

Hello Shenoy,

that is exactly

Hello all,

there is a new version of disney + today
and the new version is not compatible to the nebula capsule,
and that is not possible to use the old version.

i send a message to the anker support