Nebula Capsule Location Service

I am a subscriber to DirecTV Now. However with this app, it always asks Location, not sure why even though my Capsule location is set to HIGH, the DirecTV Now app is still asking me each and every time that my location service is turned off, and no matter what I do, it will not load the app, it will only freeze at the DirecTV Now logo. Does anyone know why Nebula Capsule location service isn’t shared with the apps?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Would love to hear if someone figures this out. Thanks, Ray.

I was told that it will be fixed by the end of July, in the meantime you can uninstall it then go to download it again but you will need to go to other versions and download April 11 version, open and log in, enjoy

Hey, I’m having the same issue, and I followed the instructions to use the April update instead. Just recently, the app required that I download the new version (which brings us back to square one) any ideas?

I also have the same location issue with my Hulu app. Hopefully this does get addressed in the next firmware update. For now my work around is to attach a fire stick. Defeats the purpose of a built in UI.

Still looks to be happening. I haven’t seen an update in quite some time.

I am having the same issue. I am surprised that this hasnt been fixed yet. I have to hook up a fire stick as a work around. This totally defeats the purpose.

Is there still no fix for this? This seems fairly straight forward as a bug.

Try a GPS mock location application.

You might have to “side load” the app, just Google “side load Android apps”

There are a ton of YouTube videos as well