Nebula Capsule II with broken wifi. How to factory reset?


I just got a Nebula Capsule II from a previous owner and I wanted to restore the system via settings to link my gmail account and perform a clean setup. I did so by using the restore option on the Android TV settings.

The projector rebooted and prompted for initial setup, but now I see the wifi connection is toast. The projector doesn’t see any wifi network at all. Nothing works. Setting it up with an Android phone doesn’t work either. The phone sees the projector but the setup gets stuck when I try to transfer my google account.

I hope there is a fix and it’s just software related. Otherwise it would mean the wifi hardware is faulty. How can I factory reset the device by entering in recovery mode?? I only found instructions to do so for the Capsule I (by official support in this forum). I tried it but it doesn’t work with my Capsule II.

Please I need assitance on this issue. I cannot use the device at all. It won’t go past language select and the setup screen. Trying to get customer support on the live chat/email as well.

Thank you.

I too am having this exact issue. Hoping to see a reply.

Did anyone find a solution. I have the exact same problem as well.