Nebula Capsule II unveiled at NYC event!

Directly from the iPhone in Canada website:

The second generation Nebula Capsule II was unveiled and launches as a pre-order on Kickstarter, which the company says will “better facilitate a global launch and availability.”

The Nebula Capsule II will have a 1280 x 720 resolution (720P HD), even brighter with 200 ANSI lumens, and run on Android TV 9.0, which supports over 3600 apps. There are 8W speakers with dual passive radiators, while connectivity will include USB Type C, HDMI, USB, AUX Out, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Chromecast support, all in its tiny soda can design.

This time around there is now 1-second auto-focus, while the mini projector will also support Google Assistant.

We’ve tested out the first generation Nebula Capsule before, and it’s an impressive product for its size. This second generation sounds like it’s going to be even better.

The Nebula Capsule II is available for pre-order on October 26, 2018 at 7AM PDT/10AM EDT, starting at $349 USD for Super Early Bird backers on Kickstarter.

There’s no link for the Kickstarter campaign - and apparently it’s not live there, at least I couldn’t find it searching as of 6:10am EDT. It seems the new capsule will be a sized-down Mars II with a few additions like Google Assistant.

As I said before, I’m willing to beta-test the Capsule II if @AnkerOfficial needs testers! :wink:

The article mentions other products as well, but the Capsule II is the main focus.


$199 for the Model Zero+ in the US. Would that make the Model Zero around $149?

Yes indeed, I would like to see the Zero + as well.
And if there are skilled testers needed?
HERE WE ARE!! :grin:


Its live

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Looks good! USB-C fast charging with Anker charger included, Android TV… They really are improving on the projectors!

Super Early Bird already gone, Early Bird will be in the next minutes. The goal was already reached when I first opened the page. I guess it’s a success again! :smile:

That was a pretty low goal. LOL.

I want one so bad, but I’m broke as hell! Hope to see some reviews!

You and me both buddy
Monetarily yes but rich in spirit :joy::sunglasses:

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