Nebula Capsule II stuck in boot loop

Anyone with Capsule 2 ever experience that the boot loader is stuck, showing only “Nebula” and restarting on its own?

Since there are no instructions to factory reset this projector in the instructions, I would reccomend contacting nebula at

They have a great support team, and would be glad to help you! They are off on Saturday’s, so you won’t get a response until Monday or Tuesday.

Good luck!

Its too bad for a new product. I heard great things about Nebula Capsule I but II has many complaints so far on our forum.

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I am dealing with the same exact issue. It won’t go past the Nebula logo, and it restarts itself when I try powering it off. I tried holding down Power and Volume+, the first step in the factory reset process I’ve found, but it doesn’t display the android logo. After waiting a while, a dead android logo guy has just appeared with a red triangle over him with an exclamation mark in it, and below him, it says “No command”. Is this the equivalent of a PC blue screen of death?

I started experiencing this when I plugged my Roku streaming stick in for the first time. The Capsule will not get past the boot screen with the ‘NEBULA’ logo.

If I unplug the Roku stick the unit boots up fine, and I just have to reconnect the stick after the main menu has loaded.

Not ideal, but maybe worth checking whether it is your Roku or other device interfering.

i´m having this issue right now. does anyone got a solution?

Any fix for this?? Experiencing this first time last night

Did you find a solution on how to get out of the Android recovery loop?